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Feb 2011 eNewsletter

JSCNC Newsletter

Feb 2011


Mr. Pravin Shah

 (919) 859-4994


Vice President

Mrs. Rekha Banker

(919) 676-4548



Mr. Anand Shah

 (919) 678-9475


Food Coordinator

Mr. Ajay Shah

 (919) 601-2624


Youth Coordinator

Mrs. Rita Lodaya

 (919) 240-5564


Youth Coordinator

Mrs. Sejal Shah



JAINA Director

Mr. Pravin Shah

 (919) 859-4994


JAINA Director

Mrs. Rekha Banker

(919) 676-4548


Special Projects

Mr. Pritesh Shah (Adopt-a-highway)

Mr. Kamlesh Shah (Annual Camp)

Mr. Pratyush Mehta(Finance)

Religious Programs

Mr. Pravin K. Shah

Mr. Kirit Shah

Editor’s Corner

Jai Jinendra,

We hope everyone had a fantastic 2010. We have a new committee! The new committee would like to express sincere gratitude for the opportunity given to serve our vibrant community. We are also making a number of changes in communication methods with the rest of the community – including the newsletter. Please read the entire newsletter and familiarize yourself with the changes.




Anand  Shah

(Secretary, JSCNC)











Inside This Issue

1.        Monthly Meeting
2.        Administrative Announcements
3.        Activities
4.        Pathshala Corner
5.        Recipe Corner
6.        Calendar
7.        How to Support Jain Study Center of NC


Monthly Meeting

The community holds its monthly meetings at the Hindu Temple in Morrisville, NC. At the meeting, various activities, such as stavans, religious discourses, and educational activities for children (Pathshala) are performed.

If you are not a regular attendee of the monthly meetings, but are planning to attend, please inform our Food Coordinator, Mr. Ajay Shah for planning purposes. We also encourage everyone in the community to volunteer to bring food to the monthly meetings. Mr. Ajay had good response to his call for volunteers last year but we are still short of seven volunteers this year.

Following is the layout of a typical monthly meeting's proceedings:

10:45 a.m.


11:00 a.m.

Item(s) / presentation by children

11:15 a.m.

Administrative/Committee activities

11:30 a.m.


12:45 p.m.

Other Announcements

01:00 p.m.



Next meeting: Feb 20th, 2011

Discourse Topic: How to apply Jainism in our daily life.  Practical aspects of Jainism in USA

Speaker: Pravin K. Shah

Administrative Announcements

We have completed migration to the Google Groups mailing list. This mailing list will continue to be our primary means of communication to the community. If you know someone who has not received the test email on Jan 31st, please let Anand Shah (anand2.shah@gmail.com) know. The email should have arrived from jscnc101@gmail.com and with a subject: “[JSCNC] From the moderator: Test Mail - Please ignore.” If you would like to receive communication on additional email addresses or has recently changed email addresses, please contact Anand Shah for any modifications.

We are also working on compiling an updated directory. Our society has grown and we have added many newcomers. Over the next few days, you will receive more information on how we will request updates to your directory listing from 2008. More details will be provided in the upcoming Jain Meeting. There will be electronic as well as paper modification option available; however we request electronic updates for ease of compilation.

All of the upcoming reminders in this newsletter will be published in the Calendar section for quick reference. However, there will also be an online calendar with most up-to-date information. The link can be found on our website: www.jscnc.org

The committee is trying to make our events more earth friendly. We are exploring options on reducing the use of foam/plastic products and switch to more environmental friendly products.


If you have not received JAINA calendar, please send an e-mail to jainahq@gmail.com by providing your name, address, and telephone number. Each individual needs to write his/her own e-mail to Jaina head quarters. This is a very beautiful calendar with lots of details. See the announcement from JAINA on the details of calendar and how to support such initiatives: http://www.jaina.org/news/34086/JAINA-JAINA-2010-Calendar-Released--Shipped-to-11000-Families-Free-of-.htm 


There are a number of confirmed and planned activities this year. Additional announcements will be sent when dates are confirmed with more details.



Non recurring

Monthly Meetings

Mahavir Jayanti (April)

Pathshala (twice a month)

Paryushan (Aug 20th – Aug 27th)

Swadhyaya (once a week)

Annual Picnic (Jun 19th)

Pooja (once a week)

Annual Camp (late summer/early Fall)

Interfaith activities



Please note that due to a last minute date conflict from HSNC, for the Mahavir Jayanti celebration, we are exploring an alternative date. The committee sincerely regrets any inconvenience this may have caused. We are trying to resolve this ASAP and communicate when the date and venue is fixed. 





Pathshala Corner

JSCNC Pathshala serves our young kids to instill spiritual development, self-awareness and promote Jain identity in individuals, based on the principles of Jainism. The teachers pay special attention to the needs of young and older groups and have structured curriculum as such.


The Paathshala classes take place every first Sunday of the month from 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. in the Hindu Temple Cultural Hall AND on 3rd Sundays during the monthly meeting. If you plan to attend and/or need more information, please call Mrs. Rita Lodaya or Mrs. Sejal Shah. Paathshala e-mail address is JSCNCpathshala@yahoo.com.


Following are some of the highlights of the activities done in the “Young Kids” group:

v      Learned  basic jain principles----Ahimsa, Anekantvad, Aparigraha  (with stories/skits)

v      Learned what a jain should/should not do

v      Learning 8 basic stutis

v      Learning  'aratis' (Jaya Jaya Arati & Mangal Divo).

v      Learning  names of 24 tirthankars, their birthmark (laanchan), their nirvana place


Kids are very excited this year about their charity work at Helping Hand Mission. It's going to be first time for most of the young kids. The Lunch Service is on this Sun Feb 13th at 10 AM. The Teachers would like to like to thank Kunal Lodaya, Poojan Mehta, Parv Gondalia for organizing/coordinating this event. Our older kids continue to serve as a great role models for our younger kids. Good Job everyone!


Following are some of the highlights of the activities done in the “Old Kids” group:


v      Focus on interactive discussions related to Jain Philosophy and Practice: currently discussing the "Nine Tattvas"- a huge topic related to the nine fundamentals incorporating the Theory of Karma

v      Every month, a student (or sometimes as a pair) researches a topic of his/her choice and teaches a 15 minute lesson followed by discussion. Last class: Classification of Living Beings based on Five Senses (Indriyas) taught by Salauni Shah

v      Plan and organize a service event within the local community once every quarter e.g. Helping Hand Mission Lunch Service, Clothes Drive for Goodwill Community Foundation. 

v      Group Project: Writing small skits based on Jain values and principles emphasizing their own experiences when possible. n


Recipe Corner

Recipe corner is back and will be a regular feature. Even though Internet is full of recipes, the focus in this newsletter would be on some unique local recipes. We know that out community is full of new and veteran culinary experts. Please send in your contributions.


There was a great article shared by Mr. Pravin K. Shah last year from Bloomberg Business Week on Rise and Power of the Vegans. Vegans are not only strict vegetarians but also refrain from using dairy products. We’ll try to publish vegan recipes based on contributors.


This moth’s recipe (courtesy of Jain Center of Northern California)

 California Quinoa Khichdi:                                                         


v      1 cup Quinoa                                                                        

v      1 cup Mung dal                                                                    

v      4 ½ to 5 cups Water                                                            

v      1 tsp cumin/coriander powder                                          

v      1 tsp garam masala                                                            

v      1 1/2 tsp salt                                                                         

v      1/4 tsp cayenne pepper                                                      

v      1/4 tsp turmeric                                                                    

v      Optional pinch asafetida                                                   

v      2 tsp canola or sesame oil                                                  

v      1/2 tsp whole cumin seeds                                                 

v      ¼ tsp mustard seeds                                                            

v      1 mediumchopped tomato                                                

v      1/2 cup chopped arugala or kale or mustard greens     

v      Coriander (cilantro) for garnish                                        


How to prepare                                                                                


v      Measure and rinse mung dal, add 1 cup water and discard rinse water     

v      Add quinoa and water to mung dal so there is a total of 4 ½ cups of water             

v      Bring to boil on stove and then lower heat, stir several times, until both grains plump up. Keep heat on low while you add the rest of the ingredients and add water as needed so the mixture doesn’t stick.      

v      In a small pot or large spoon that you can put on the stove, heat oil, then add mustard seeds.           

v      After 20 seconds or so, add whole cumin seeds. After the mustard seeds pop but before the cumin seeds burn, add them to the pot with the grains                                                                      

v      Add cumin/coriander powder, garam masala, salt, cayenne pepper, turmeric, and asafetida to main pot        

v      Add tomato and greens, add more salt to taste if needed             

v      Top with coriander (cilantro) and eat with Kadhi         


Serves 4                                                                                              


Vegan Kulfi


v      28 oz Coconut Cream or Coconut Milk (not coconut water)

v      1/2 cup Vanilla Soy Milk

v      ½ cup POWDERED sugar

v      1 Tablespoon cardamom powder (ground)

v      1 teaspoon vanilla extract

v      1 Tablespoon pistachio nuts (ground)

v      Rigid containers sized for your preferred portion size (eg plastic containers) or popsicle molds to freeze kulfi


How to prepare


Mix all ingredients together in large bowl. Pour mixture into containers then freeze overnight and Enjoy!


Makes 3 cups


The most up-to-date calendar will be online.


Our calendar can be accessed here: http://www.jscnc.org/cal.php


Supporting our center

You can support our Center by:

v      Becoming a member if you are not already: Please print a form from our website: http://jscnc.org/docs/MembershipForm.doc, complete it and mail it by following instructions

v      By making a generous donation for Education Fund or Jiv Daya or Mahavir Jayanti or general donation. Follow this link to http://jscnc.org/HowToMakeADonation.php to learn how to make a donation.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Anand Shah

Secretary, JSCNC Committee.